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Share and Stream Digital Media Between Two Computers in Windows 7

Do you want to play a bunch of movies or music (however they are on a laptop in your bedroom) to your media center in the living room ? Have you ever find a good way to solve your problem? Here, I will show a great to play your digital files from one location to another which is share and stream digital media between computers on your home network in Windows 7.

Note: It will need to be running Windows 7 with Windows Media Player 12. In our example we will stream video from a computer running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) to another machine running Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) which are part of the same Homegroup.

Setup Streaming

To open up the media streaming, type media streaming into the search box in the Start menu and select “Media streaming options”.

Now type a name for the media library (you can type what you like), and click the “Allow All ” button to make sure all the computers on your network you want to have access are allowed.

Note: If both computers are part of a Homegroup, everything is shared by default anyway but you might want to double check. Or you might want to block certain computers from the streaming options.

At the same time, you can also choose some custom settings if you want.

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For instance, maybe you want certain computers to only have access to music or certain files with a particular rating. In this example we are opening everything up. But if you want to control what other users access, keep these settings in mind.

Now in the Windows Media Player window, click on “Stream” then check “Automatically allow devices to play my media” in Library view.

To be able to play content on one machine over to another we need to enable Allow remote control of my Player. This makes your computer to be a remote control of sorts.

When the dialog box comes up then click “Allow remote control on this network” .

Note: Since we are making everything wide open to all computers, we need to enable the above settings on both computers. If you have multiple computers on your network you can set them all up to share their libraries too.

Now when you go into Windows Media Player under the Library view you’ll see Other Libraries and will see the other computers on your network.

Stream To a Machine

Now we comes to play video or music from the library of one machine to another machine.

Note: Make sure the machine you want to play the media to has WMP up and running in advance.

Firstly, right-click a media file and select “Play to” from the context menu then choose the machine to play it to. In this example we only have one other machine to choose from and playing an X-files episode from the library in WMP.

Then you’ll see the “Play To” controller with the media listed. Here you can control the playback and volume.

Now you can see the video starts playing through WMP on the other machine.

Of course, you needn’t just limited to playing digital media from WMP either. Now we’re in a video directory where we have season 2 of Star Trek DS9. Select the episodes to play, right-click and “Play To…”

Playing music files to another machine…

Pictures is just as the above…

Again you can switch the order of the files and skip to others from the Play To control .

Certainly, you can simply drag and drop other files that you want to add into it as well.

Note: If wireless speeds are too slow, just setup computers on the network wired with CAT5e cable wherever possible.

Qualities Of A Good Computer Repair Service

Since there are plenty of Didsbury computer repair companies around, it can become quite a challenge to find out which one of them is actually a good provider of the service. This is especially true when people start thinking that all computer repair shops are equal anyway. This is definitely not true as there are some shops which are much better than others.

Here are some of the qualities that you should look for to be able to determine whether you have a good computer repair service:

Gives an honest assessment:

When you visit a Didsbury computer repair company, you should inquire first if they are offering free assessments on what repairing your computer would cost. Assessment would often mean trying to boot your computer up, or even opening your system to check what is making it unstable or even unbootable.

By checking the various components and files, the Didsbury computer repair company would then be able to estimate just how much you would have to spend and wait for your computer to become fixed. The great thing with an assessment is that if there are minor issues such as lose cables and the like, then the computer repair teams can reconnect and fix them for free.

Explains the roles of the components that need fixing:

Another quality of a good Didsbury computer repair company is that they would be able to explain to you why they are replacing or fixing a part of your computer. By being able to explain, you would be able to check and ask around if they are actually offering a proper fix for your busted computer.

Of course, there may be some people who are not as tech savvy as the others, and think that they do not care about the technical things that the team might say. However, people who would actually take the time to listen would be able to use these tips to ask more knowledgeable people around as to whether the fix that they are offering is a legitimate way of fixing the computer issues.

Service with a smile:

Tech people are often stereotyped as being apathetic or uncaring to people who do not really understand technology. That is why you would know that you have entered a good Didsbury computer repair service if you find that the employees are more than willing to help out and assist both the tech-savvy people as well as the beginners.